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Wickless Soy Candles and Air Care products by Finley Grace are new and creative air fresheners that provide a delightful fragrance without heat or a burning flame. Wickless Soy Candles are the perfect air freshener for a baby's room, bathroom, office, college dormitory, hospital room, senior care facility or anywhere you prefer to avoid an open flame and the fragrance lasts for 15 weeks or longer.

Wickless Soy Candles are manufactured by At Home in Galena from 100% Illinois soy wax. Our candles are biodegradeable, earth friendly and safe for our environment.

The Finley Grace Trust Fund receives a donation with each purchase of Wickless Soy Candles to provide for our granddaughter's continuing medical treatment for "Cri du Chat" syndrome. Thank you for purchasing Finley Grace products.

Finny's Grandparents
Bill & Patti Murphy

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Fragrance Descriptions
Baby Powder - Our signature scent - Nothing in this world smells better than a sweet baby after a nice warm bath. A true to life Baby Powder
Cinnamon Bun - Imagine the scent of a warm cinnamon sticky bun drizzled with sweet white frosting. Yummy!!! You'll want a bite.
Citrus Breeze - Is it the zest of lemon, grapefruit, or lime? Don't know for sure. Pucker up, it's really fresh
Coffee - A real eye opener! The full body aroma of strong black Columbian coffee. Wake up and smell the coffee
Cookies - Wow this is a winner. Fresh baked cookies right out of Mrs. Murphys oven. Best of all, no calories
Cool Cucumber - This fresh, clean cucumber defines the word cool! A refreshing fragrance. Try it - You'll like it!!
Cranberry Orange Slice - This is cranberry/orange with an exclamation point! Very strong and crisp, with just the right touch of tart!
French Vanilla - Everybody knows vanilla - it's the French that makes it so much creamier and rich
Fresh Cut Grass - What a great sensation it is to walk through fields of new spring grass. Capture spring year around.
Fresh Linen - Think clean laundry - as fresh as a billowing outdoor breeze
Galena Pine - Cool, winter nights cozied around the fireplace inhaling the smell of the fresh cut family tree
Gardenia - The sweet, pure fragrance of this island flower will intoxicate your senses
Green Apple - Someone just cut up a Granny Smith. This is the most awesome Green Apple you'll ever smell!
Honeysuckle - Inhale the sweetly scented nectar of these delicate bell shaped flowers. A favorite spring floral.
Hot Apple Pie - An American Classic. Just the right blend of warm apples, spices and that home-baked pie crust smell
Lavender - Classic Aromotherapy - The light soothing herb scent has been a favorite for generations
Lemonade - A true lemon zest. Just like fresh squeezed lemons. Remember that old fashion lemonade stand
Lemongrass - Herbal, lemon scent- excellent fragrance.
Lilac - The sweet, distinct aromatic smell of the blooming bush. Tells us all good weather is here. Best Seller
Lily of the Valley - This English wildflower gives off a subtle, sweet magical fragrance with a vision of delicate tiny white flowers.
Magnolia - This well known southern tree blooms with large flowers that emit an intoxicatingly sweet fragrance.
Pineapple - Direct from Maui. Old man Dole couldn't tell the difference from the real thing.
Pink Grapefruit - Fresh, fruity, and oh so clean smelling.
Pink Jasmine - These small, night blooming flowers produce an intoxicatingly romantic fragrance with sweet top notes and a rich base. Often used in exotic perfumes and to make tea.
Pumpkin Spice - What says Fall more than a big fat round pumpkin. Maybe the added spices to your favorite pie. Fall Best Seller
Red Apple Peel - Sweet, freshly sliced apples! Crisp fall, juicy bite.
Spring Floral - A secret blend of floral fragrances - screams out "spring is here".



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